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What can YOU do?

There are many things that you can do to call attention to the need for change and many ways that you can lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

Contact your representatives!

Make eco-friendly decisions!

Here are some ideas:

Here is their contact info:


If you join the Sitka Bike Co-op you can get a 20 percent discount at many local stores.

Support eco-friendly brands:

Brands such as, Patagonia, 10 tree, Toms, Beyond Meat, and Ecosia web browser.

Plant a garden and buy from the farmer's market:

You might be surprised by how many fruits and vegetables can be grown in Sitka's climate.

Eat locally produced foods:

Eat locally caught fish and game and harvest berries. You can also raise chickens!

Use reusable shopping bags and water bottles:

Bring cloth bags to the grocery store and avoid plastic bottles at all cost.

Drive an electric car:

Electric cars are especially eco-friendly in Sitka, because of our hydro-electric power from the Blue Lake Dam. Nissan Leafs are the local favorite and very cost effective.

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